Building Better, backed by the National Housing Federation, is an alliance of 30 housing associations and local authorities working together to increase the use of modern methods of construction (MMC) in the social housing sector.

We are offering housing associations and local authorities an opportunity to drive change in a system we know is broken.

National Housing Federation supports Building Better

Why Join?

Compliant procurement routes

We offer compliant procurement solutions that give housing providers streamlined access to approved manufacturers and a readymade marketplace.

MMC framework principles

Building Better framework principles diagram

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High quality homes

We work together to improve the quality and performance of new homes which reduces the running cost for our customers and creates efficiencies in longer term maintenance costs.

Competitive costs

By combining our members’ pipelines, we increase their collective negotiation power, bringing costs down and providing certainty to manufacturers.
Early evidence suggests MMC costs through our procurement routes are on par with traditional construction, with a minor uplift to achieve Net Zero Carbon in operation.
The collected resources of Building Better

Collective resources

Members pay once for procurement, due diligence, legal and strategic advice and they get support from the Building Better network.

Smart standardisation

We offer a visible pipeline that locks in long-term partnerships with manufacturers, enabling greater standardisation but also the ability to customise more long term. This approach helps housing providers to tackle the construction skills crisis and reduce downstream maintenance costs.
Long-term partnerships with manufacturers, enabling greater standardisation

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5 facts about
Building Better

Membership of Building Better is open to any housing association or local authority housing provider in England and Wales.

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