Collaboration in MMC: four key ingredients

Building Better members, three manufacturers on our framework, and colleagues from our procurement partner, Procurement for Housing, met to work out what collaboration means in practice for our alliance in Autumn 2021.

Our goal was to develop practical next steps to ensure we’re set up for successful collaboration, create processes to fall back on when there is inevitable conflict, and build the group’s ability to reflect, so we become experienced at learning from failures and improving. 

Here are some findings from the day.

In an operating environment where things are changing more quickly than ever before, Dr Clare Murray, an organisational psychologist, leadership coach and one of the day’s facilitators from Data Clan, shared that across public and private sectors, increasing numbers of organisations are finding new ways to work in collaboration with each other. By joining forces, these organisations share risks and adapt to change more quickly, something which our members have already started doing.

By Trina Chakravarti, Project Director at Building Better
First published on January 20, 2022

Membership of Building Better is open to any housing association or local authority housing provider in England and Wales.