Manufacturer spotlight – Future-Built

We’ve appointed a range of approved manufacturers to our MMC Category 1 framework and MMC Category 2 DPS. In this series we ask our manufacturing partners to introduce themselves.


The management team at Norwich-based Future-Built have a significant amount of house-building experience. Between them, they have delivered over 1,000 MMC homes. They also manufacture offices, student accommodation, hotels and other bespoke structures. Future-Built believe each project should be an asset to the area and the team works with local people and organisations to create sustainable, desirable developments.

We asked Marketing and Communications Manager, Ellie Brine to tell us a bit more about Future-Built.

How many people work for your business? Tell us about the different teams and roles. 

Our management team is steeped in housebuilding experience, and we believe our passion for quality and innovation shines through in every home we build.

Our founder, Matt Bartram, is a developer with over 15 years of experience using light gauge steel (LGS) to deliver high quality homes, apartments and hotels. Matt had the vision to create a faster, cheaper and greener way to build modular homes, and our panelised LGS system was born.

William Anthony, our Operations Director has an automotive industry background and helps ensure precision and quality is built into each of our homes.

Drew O’Mahoney heads up our Modular Construction design team, ensuring every home is designed to meet our client’s needs, and our Construction Director, Richard Dean, oversees all projects through to completion.

How many homes have you delivered to date? And how many are in your pipeline? 

Our team has delivered over 1,000 precision-built modular homes between them, and Future-Built has 4,500 units in the pipeline. We are really excited about a number of regeneration schemes in the works and know by working with local people and organisations we can help create safe and sustainable housing for these new communities.

If you had to shout about one thing around the design of your homes, what would it be?  

We are proud to have strong ESG (environmental, social, and governance) values at the core of our company mission, and one of our main focuses when designing and manufacturing our homes is how we can make a positive impact on the local areas.

We can build dedicated satellite factories where we train new skilled local workers, promoting economic development, improving working conditions and reducing commuting. We can work with local colleges to create valuable apprenticeships, helping students gain skills and real-world experience.

Our mission is to develop relationships with suppliers who share our ethical and environmental philosophy, and our satellites facilitate and encourage collaboration with the local supply chain while also reducing the carbon footprint. Our aim at Future-Built is to enrich the local communities whilst building thriving new ones: whilst reducing our carbon footprint at every stage.

How do you think MMC will be regarded by the social housing sector in 10 years? 

MMC will become the major construction method for all social housing, delivering good quality, affordable homes that are nice to live in and cheap to run.

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Ellie Brine is marketing and communications manager at Future-Built

17 May 2023

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